Eduardo Capa, S.A. e-commerce
- Purchasing process.
- Payment process.
- Shipping costs and delivery time.
- Warranty and returns.
- Data protection.
- Recommendations and Precautions.

- Eduardo Capa, S.A. e-commerce

Eduardo Capa, S.A., with Tax ID Code A28645109, business address in Arganda del Rey (Madrid - Spain) Carretera de Campo Real, no. 44A, and recorded in the Commercial Registry of Madrid under Volume 2266, Folio 63 and Page M39985, is responsible for the sale and distribution of products offered on this website, with sales understood to be completed at the aforementioned registered Company address.

To contact Eduardo Capa, S.A. about matters regarding e-commerce, email: or call 91 871 04 63.

The prices of items are those included on the website. If, however, any error in the allocation of any price on the website is detected, and an order of the item in question has been processed, the customer will be immediately informed of the incident and will be offered the option of continuing with their order with the new conditions, or cancelling the order with a full refund of the amounts paid by the customer until that point.

The prices of items on the website include the Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) in effect at all times.

Purchases made by taxpayer residents of the European Union who have an intra-community VAT ID number are exempt from VAT. They will be required to send the VAT ID number by email to or by fax to 91 870 20 16 so that their corresponding registration as an intra-community trader may be verified.

Purchases made by natural or legal persons residing in extra-community countries, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are exempt from paying V.A.T. The recipient of the goods must pay the relevant taxes and charges incurred at the destination.

- Purchasing process.

The site offers different ways of consulting the range of products on offer. They can be searched for by price, material/media, artistic discipline, name of the artist and theme of the pieces. Various options may be combined in order to narrow the search.
The site also offers customers the possibility of contacting Capa Esculturas art experts to specify the type of piece they are looking for so that the experts can recommend a selection that meets their needs and which is sent by email.
After selecting an item and reading its detailed information, it can be added to the shopping cart by clicking on "Add to Cart". Any more items you wish to purchase can be added to the cart.
To process the order, from the cart click on "Confirm purchase", which is found on the bottom right. A form will be displayed asking the customer to log in if previously registered or to register by completing the form.
If no purchase has been made previously, the necessary data must be filled out to identify the buyer and proceed to shipment.
The country of delivery, and where applicable return, must be the same as the country of purchase and P.O. Box addresses may not be used as delivery addresses.

- Payment process.

Payment details must be included on the provided form. Payments can be made via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card, which are all safe online methods for making payments.

Issuing banks will require cardholder's identification for all credit card payments before authorising payment. Once the card details have been entered, a window from the issuing bank will be opened to authenticate the cardholder's identity, displaying the icon "Verified by Visa", whereby all card details and the corresponding password are protected through this secure system. The card issuer will notify the merchant when the purchase is being performed by the cardholder to ensure it is properly finalised; if the cardholder's identity is not authenticated, the issuer will duly notify the merchant of this circumstance. The merchant shall not bear any responsibility for this incident, instead it shall fall on the issuing bank, which the customer must contact in the event that this situation occurs.

If payment is made via bank transfer, the customer must pay the total value of the purchase and include the purchase code provided in the subject of the transfer.
LThe account to which all bank transfers must be made is as follows:

Banco de Sabadell
Avd. del Ejército, 1
28500 Arganda del Rey (Madrid)
Account number: 0081-0370-70-0001032110
IBAN: ES38 0081 0370 7000 0103 2110

Once the registration form has been completed, an email will be sent to request pre-approval of the data provided (Double opt-in). The user must then finish providing the necessary details for the shipment of the piece(s).

These details enable the system to calculate the shipping costs and add them to the overall cost of the purchase. On the same page the customer must choose the preferred payment method: transfer, card or PayPal.

With all information regarding their order displayed on screen, they must click the "Confirm and pay" button found at the bottom left side in order to complete the payment process.

If the credit card method has been chosen, the Banco Sabadell payment gateway will be activated to enable card payment in a secure environment in which the customer is required to enter the usual necessary information to debit the charge.

If PayPal has been chosen, the site will connect to PayPal to process the payment in line with the established procedure.

If bank transfer has been chosen, a page with the necessary instructions and information to make the transfer will be displayed: recipient, amount, bank, account number and order number. Once the transfer has been received by Capa Esculturas, the order will be shipped.

- Shipping costs and delivery time.

The shipping costs include transport costs, packaging, insurance and customs clearance at origin. Any taxes and charges incurred at destination must be paid by the recipient of the goods.

The delivery time is 4 working days for mainland Spain destinations, 5 working days for shipments to the Balearic and Canary Islands, 6 working days for within the European Union and 10 working days for all other destinations.
LBank holidays within the Community of Madrid must be taken into account during the delivery of goods, as our logistics platform is located in the centre of Madrid.
Delivery times will be increased, where applicable, if there are delays in paying applicable taxes, as well as in the event of border inspections, strikes, conflicts and, in general terms, any situation outside the seller's scope of control.

The shipping costs are as follows:

0 - 5 kg 10 €
5,1 - 10 kg 20 €
10,1 - 75 kg 30 €

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Slovak Republic, Romania and Sweden
0 - 5 kg 40 €
5,1 - 10 kg 60 €
10,1 - 75 kg 80 €

USA, Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Oceania and Asia.
0 - 5 kg 60 €
5,1 - 10 kg 90 €
10,1 - 75 kg 120 €

- Warranty and returns.

Eduardo Capa, S.A. guarantees the quality of its products for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery, excluding any damages caused as a result of knocks or misuse of the item. According to the item's damage, upon application of the warranty the seller will repair, replace, lower the price or refund the item. To apply the warranty it is necessary to contact the seller and provide proof of purchase. Any piece that has undergone repairs or has been tampered with by external personnel is not covered under the warranty.
The customer may contact the seller in any of the following ways:
- By telephone: 91 871 04 63.
- By email:

If the item is received with any flaws or damages, the customer will have a period of 2 months to notify Eduardo Capa, S.A. from the moment the nonconformity appears and a return will be accepted, and shipping costs covered by the seller, provided the customer reports this incident in any of the following ways:
- By telephone: 91 871 04 63.
- By email:

If unsatisfied with the item, the customer will have a period of 14 days to return it from the date of delivery.

To exercise this right the customer must inform Eduardo Capa, S.A. of their wish to return the item. They must then ship it to the seller, covering all corresponding shipping costs.

The client may contact and inform Eduardo Capa, S.A. of their wish to return the item by any of the following methods:
- By telephone: 91 871 04 63.
- By email:
- Using the withdrawal form that can be downloaded here, or which can also be sent by email to: In this case, write in the subject box: WITHDRAWAL FORM.

The item must be sent to the following address:
Eduardo Capa, S.A.
Ctra. de Campo Real, 44 A, 28500 de Arganda del Rey (Madrid).

Once the returned item has been received in the merchant's headquarters, and its condition has been checked (it should be in perfect condition in its original packaging and with original documents), the customer will be refunded the full amount by the same method used to purchase the item.
If it is not possible to return the item in its original packaging, a refund will still be possible but the product in question may be subject to a drop in value.

The refund will include the price of the purchased item and the original shipping costs and it will be processed after the item has been received and properly checked.

- Data Protection and Cyber Security Clause

In accordance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (LSSI-CE) and Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, EDUARDO CAPA, S.A. hereby informs users that all personal data provided freely, voluntarily and expressly shall be included in an automated file that has been registered in the General Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, which is owned and managed by EDUARDO CAPA, S.A. and which authorises EDUARDO CAPA, S.A. to maintain a contractual and commercial relationship with users.
The purpose of this file is to manage the data of customers who make purchases on the company's website; carry out personal promotional and advertising activities by any means, including sending commercial correspondence by SMS, email, post, etc., containing offers, promotions and new products that may be of interest by completing the study and segmenting the data provided by filling out any form, as well as that which derives from the commercial relationship or delivery of the purchased goods. The data marked as obligatory are required to be able to process the request. Failure to complete these fields will prevent us from processing the request.

To exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time, please write to EDUARDO CAPA, S.A. from the email you provided to or in writing to: Ctra. de Campo Real, 44 A, 28500 de Arganda del Rey (Madrid).

Obligatory nature of data collection: Fields marked with an asterisk* on the forms must be completed. Failure to complete this data will prevent us from responding to enquiries or processing a particular order.

Veracity of information: The customer is responsible for the veracity of the information they provide, and undertakes to ensure no false data is entered and that data will be amended if necessary.

In the event the user provides personal third-party data, pursuant to article 5.4 of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, he or she declares to have obtained the express consent thereof, informing said third parties of the content of the data provided, the origin thereof, the presence and purpose of the file containing their data, the possibility to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as well as the terms established in this privacy policy.

Security: Eduardo Capa, S.A. guarantees total confidentiality and privacy of the personal data provided and have therefore established security measures to ensure no modifications, losses and unauthorised dealings occur and thus guarantee their integrity and security, particularly those set forth in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, approving the Regulation that implements Organic Law 13/1999 on Personal Data Protection. Eduardo Capa, S.A. shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any incidents that may arise concerning personal data either due to an attack on or unauthorised access to our systems making it impossible to detect by the security measures in place, or when they result from inadequate customer diligence regarding the custody and safekeeping of his or her access codes or own personal data.

Cases in which your data may be shared: Your information may be shared by entities other than Eduardo Capa, S.A. (pursuant to article 12.1 of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection) only when said entity is required to collaborate with us for the purpose of processing your order. An example of this is the need to subcontract carriers to deliver your order. In these cases, Eduardo Capa, S.A. undertakes to ensure that your information shall only be used (confidentially) by these entities in order to perform the task for which they were hired. We will only disclose information that is deemed absolutely necessary for said task.

- Additional information regarding our security systems and guarantee of personal data protection

The internet is a means of communication and a new means that enables business transactions to be performed via the network. Therefore, one of the main concerns of internet users is the safety of data on the network.
An E-Commerce transaction is understood as the entire process of engaging in a commercial agreement between both parties: customer and business. All business transactions should comprise the following aspects:

  • The Authentication that guarantees the natural or legal nature of the person with whom we are communicating.
  • Integrity, in other words, ensuring that the content of the communication between both parties cannot be modified.
  • La Confidentiality, which consists of the guarantee that no unauthorised party may access the content of the communication.

- Recommendations and Precautions
These are some of the precautions that we advise our customers to take:

  • Do not disclose login details or passwords to anyone.
  • Do not write them down in places that are easily accessed: computer, diary...
  • Always use our SSL encryption system.
  • Always close the browsing session after accessing a secure area or after having entered the username or password into the system.