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Angel Florez Estrada-Mallart

Born Place: Madrid Birthdate: 1959 Creative environment: Torremocha del Jarama, Madrid Artist's website Artist Web Formation:

Graduate in Fine Art from the Complutense University of Madrid (1991). Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos of Madrid [School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trade]. Specialising in Artistic Forging (1985)

Awards and Honours:

Second Prize in the VII Certamen Nacional de Escultura Ciudad de Arganda [VII "Real Villa de Arganda" National Sculpture Competition] Madrid (1990). Scholarship for the II Taller de Escultura en Piedra [Stone Sculpture Workshop] Calatorao, Zaragoza (1989). Sculpture Scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome (1988).  Award and Honourable Mention in the I Taller de Escultura en Piedra [Stone Sculpture Workshop]. Calatorao, Zaragoza (1988). Premio Extraordinario de Modelado [Award for Outstanding Modelling]. Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos [School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trade]. Madrid (1983).


Work by Ángel Flórez conveys pure movement. In fact, the theme of the small-scale pieces from this period in his career is enlightening. Baile eléctrico [Electric dance], Giro [Twist], Estrella fugaz [Shooting Star] or Bailando en espiral [Spiral Dancing] illustrate a clear inclination towards a type of sculpture that breathes life and willfully seeks to break away from the static restrictions to which a material like bronze is bound. This intentionality is clearly visible in one of his most contemporary pieces, Espiral, which upon simply touching it can be correlated with the purest style of compositions of Alexander Calder. With tremendously expressionist features, his volumes provoke glimpses of certain dreamlike traits and display curves, challenges, hyperbolic changes of direction that introduce rhythm to the creations and transform them into an imaginary representation of the journey of an object, from the trail they leave behind to their state as moving objects. From his workshop, established as a creative workspace, the sculptor experiments with different materials and projects and is established as a metal craftsman while skilfully shaping his individual and thought-provoking works of art.


2013. Exhibition in Pedraza, Segovia.

Exhibition at Escuelas de Luzón, Guadalajara.

Exhibition at Town Hall of Anguita, Guadalajara.

2012. Aleaciones [Alloys] Iglesia de Santa María. Pedraza, Segovia.

2010. Mínimo Tamaño Máximo. [Maximum Minimum Size]. San Lorenzo del Escorial, Madrid.

2009. Escuela de Arte La Palma, Madrid.

2008. Solo exhibition. Casa de Cultura de Navalcarnero, Madrid.

2005. Index Dubai 2005. Capa Esculturas. United Arab Emirates.

2002. Lineart International Art Fair 2002, Ghent. Capa Esculturas.

2001. Capa Esculturas inauguration. Brussels.

1998. Retrospective look at the works of Ángel Flórez-Estrada. Centro Artesanal de Torrearte [Torrearte Crafts Centre]. Torremocha del Jarama, Madrid.

1997. Estampa [Print]. Salón Internacional del Grabado y la Edición de Arte Contemporáneo [International Printmaking and Contemporary Art Fair]. Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

1996. Collective. Galerie Dialogue. Paris.

Estampa [Print]. Salón Internacional del Grabado y la Edición de Arte Contemporáneo [International Printmaking and Contemporary Art Fair]. Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

1995. Inclusion in Capa Esculturas permanent exhibition. Madrid 1993. Diálogo sobre la Forma [Dialogue on Shape]. Galería Orfila. Madrid.

1992. Collective. Centro Cívico de La Vaguada. [La Vaguada Community Centre] Madrid.

Escultura Laberinto en el Espacio. [Sculptural Labyrinth in Space]. Madrid Pavilion, Universal Exhibition of Seville.

1991. Centro Cultural Rafael de León. City Council of Madrid.

1990. Galería San Bartolomé. Almagro, Ciudad Real.

1989. Collective Stone Sculpture. Sastago Palace. Zaragoza.

Collective exhibition in the Centre of Design and Volume of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

1988 - 1989. Exhibitions I and II. Taller de Escultura en Piedra [Stone Sculpture Workshop] Calatorao, Zaragoza.

1988. Artisti nell' Academia. Spanish Academy of Fine Arts. Rome.

1987. Student Exhibition. Faculty of Fine Arts. Madrid.

Collective. Mercantile and Industrial Circle of Madrid.

1985. Urban Art. (With Grupo Hierro) Open-air sculpture in Azca, Madrid.


Artspace Gallery. Birmingham, Michigan, USA.

Works by Ángel Flórez Estrada-Mallart

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