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Clara Carvajal Argüelles

Born Place: Madrid Birthdate: 1970 Creative environment: Madrid Artist Web Formation:

Graduated in the Specialisation of Sculpture. Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid (1988-1993). Sotomesa Workshop (drawing). Madrid (1985-1988). W. Blake Academy and Heatherley School of Art (photography and drawing). London (1989-90). Fernando Bethencourt Foundry. Móstoles, Madrid (1992). PhD studies (sculpture). Complutense University of Madrid (1995-1996).

Awards and Honours:

Marcelino Botín Foundation Scholarship (2009). Jannis Kounellis Workshop. Villa Iris (2009). First Prize Sculpture Biennial of Valladolid (2007). Acquisition Award. Caja Castilla la Mancha (2006).


"My pieces express an idealistic and extreme fight, a chaotic and non-hierarchical game of strategy where the freedom and variety of the paths undertaken allow us to embark on the adventure, the journey.

It occurs in a state in which we accept that our fate and drama are the only possible reality to continue making progress and powerfully approach the work. It is the condition to which we are subject; a great dimension that we cannot forget, as it all forms part of a process of continuous regeneration".

Clara Carvajal, "as an artist I approach a primitive and original magic, a direct aesthetic experience that closely examines the freedom and natural condition of the processes and materials. Confronting external characteristics with your own personal ones to create a new reality of belonging". Through these words concerning her recent works Clara Carvajal partly explains her creative imagination. The small-scale works at Capa Esculturas are part of her first exposure to sculpture, far-removed from the complex compositions and symbolic and engaging language that have led her to currently exhibit work worldwide. In these pieces there is a clear architectural focus, "a perspective of what is sculpture, the monumentality beyond the scale and proportion of drawing", she explains. Rampa en Rotundo [] or Escondido Boca Abajo [Hidden Face Down] are very descriptive titles of these volumes, "about how these pieces moved". "During this time, I would leave the faculty with a firm opinion on what I had learned. At the forefront of my mind I had a strong architectural idea". However, she never once considered becoming an architect. "I realised I wanted to study Fine Arts when I was 14 years old. I like visual arts".

Bronze is not a material she regularly uses in her work, converting these pieces into collectables. "It is not a material I use or one that characterises me", she adds. However, with wood she finds other possibilities that are more in line with the nature of her current creations where the complete lack of restrictions leads her to experiment with everything.



2015. Jacob y el Ángel [Jacob and the angel]. Galería Páramo, Guadalajara. Mexico

2012. Luz Solar [Sunlight]. Exit Art Gallery, Fundación Adolfo Domínguez. Madrid.

2011. Combustión. ATM Contemporary. Gijón.

2009. Bombay. Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. Madrid.

2006. El Tiempo, gran escultor [Time, great sculptor]. Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. Madrid.

2005. El Sueño de mi amigo [My friend's dream]. Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. Madrid.



2014. Maniera. Museo Raúl Anguiano. Guadalajara. Mexico.

Mil Caras [Thousand Faces]. Fondation Slaoui. Casablanca. Morocco

2013. Confession Session. Naoki Fuku and Dr Kuckucks Labrador Project. Kaskadenkondensator, Warteck pp. Basel, Switzerland.

Correspondencia II [Correspondence II]. Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary. Trevi, Italy.

Traces de Frontiers. Ville des Arts. Casablanca, Morocco.

2012. Gas Natural Fenosa International Art Exhibition. Gas Natural Fenosa Museum of Contemporary Art. A Coruña.

2011. En la Tierra como en el Cielo [On Earth as in Heaven].  Clara Carvajal and Jordi Ribes. Galería Louis 21. Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands.

Luz y Origen [Light and Origen]. Clara Carvajal and María Lara. Galería Rafael Pérez Hernándo. Madrid.

Correspondencias [Correspondence]. Antico Municipio per l´arte contemporánea. XV Edition San Donato Val di Comino. Italy.

Just Madrid Fair. Stand Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid.

Espacio Atlántico. Stand Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Vigo.

2010. Artistas Invitadas [Guest Artists]. Marlborough Gallery. Madrid and Barcelona

2009. Summer Show. Marlborough Gallery. Madrid and Barcelona.

Diálogo a tres [Three-way dialogue]. Estudio Clara Carvajal.

Galería ATM Contemporary. Gijón.

I UCLM Award. Ciudad Real.

Art Madrid 09. Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando.

2008. Artfarm. Verona. Italy.

Casal Solleric. Ciudad de Palma Awards.

Kunst ´08 Zurich and Toronto Internacional Art Fair. Rafael Pérez Hernando.

2007. Valladolid Sculpture Biennial.

Aquí y Ahora [Here and Now]. Alcalá 31. Community of Madrid.

2006. Caja Castilla la Mancha Awards.

Casal Solleric. Ciudad de Palma Awards.

2005. Art Cologne. Stand Galería Rafael Pérez Hernándo. Cologne, Germany.

Generaciones 2005. Caja Madrid. La Casa Encendida. Madrid.

Galería Casaborne. Antequera. Malaga.

2004. Artfarm. Pilastro. Verona, Italy.

Casal Solleric. Ciudad de Palma Awards.

2003. Díaz Caneja Foundation. Visual Arts Award. City Council of Palencia.

Exposición Nacional de Artes Plásticas [National Visual Arts Exhibition]. Valdepeñas

Museum of Teruel. Caja España Sculpture Award.

Garage Regium. Madrid.

Estampa [Print]. Salón Internacional del Grabado y la Edición de Arte Contemporáneo [International Printmaking and Contemporary Art Fair], Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

Flecha 2003. Arturo Soria Shopping Centre. Madrid.

2002. Bancaixa Award. IVAM Museum. Valencia.

III Navarre Sculpture Award. Museum of Navarre. Pamplona.

Premio Joven de Artes Plásticas [Youth Visual Arts Award]. Complutense University. Madrid.

2001. Capa Esculturas inauguration. Brussels, Belgium.

Red de Arte Joven [Youth Art Network]. Community of Madrid.

2000. Red de Arte Joven [Youth Art Network]. Community of Madrid.

Flecha 2000. Arturo Soria Shopping Centre. Madrid.

1999. En Blanco [Blank], Galería María Martín. Madrid.

1998. El Retrato como Obra de Arte [The Portrait as a Work of Art]. Galería Flora Herranz. Madrid.

Piedra [Stone]. Galería María Martín. Madrid.

1997. Inclusion in Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

Casa Decor 97. Rooftop by Javier Álvarez de Eulate with six busts by Clara Carvajal. Madrid.

Estampa [Print]. Salón Internacional del Grabado y la Edición de Arte Contemporáneo [International Printmaking and Contemporary Art Fair], Galería Arte 10 - Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

1994. Sótano Primero. Madrid.

1993. Centro Cultural Juan de Herrera. Madrid.



2009. Marcelino Botín Foundation Scholarship. Jannis Kounellis Workshop. Villa Iris.

2007. First Prize Sculpture Biennial of Valladolid.

2006. Acquisition Award. Caja Castilla la Mancha.

2003. Honourable Mention, Antoni Gelabert Ciudad de Palma Awards. Palma de Mallorca.

Shortlisted for Visual Arts Awards, City Council of Palencia.

2002. Shortlisted III Navarre Sculpture Award. Museum of Navarre. Pamplona.

First Prize for Sculpture XXIX Bancaixa Award. IVAM Museum. Valencia.

Honourable Mention XXII Villa de Parla Award.

Shortlisted Premio Joven de Artes Plásticas [Youth Visual Arts Award] Complutense University. Madrid.

2001. Shortlisted Villa de Madrid Mariano Benlliure Sculpture Award. Madrid.

1994. Shortlisted Villa de Madrid Mariano Benlliure Sculpture Award. Madrid.

1993. Ayllón scholarship. End of Studies Scholarship. Specialisation in forging and welding. Complutense University of Madrid.

First Prize Ayllón scholarship.



Colección Olor Visual, Barcelona.

Patio Herreriano Museum. City Council of Valladolid.

Caja Castilla la Mancha Foundation.

Bancaixa Foundation. Valencia.

Town Council of Ayllón. Segovia.



She has worked on a solo basis with galleries in Madrid, Gijón and Palma de Mallorca. She is currently undertaking a project in Tehran (Iran) and works with Galería Páramo in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Works by Clara Carvajal Argüelles

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