Ángel Elías Gómez Blanco

Born Place: París, Francia Birthdate: 1948 Creative environment: Madrid Artist Web Formation:

Initial technical training. Workshop led by the sculptor and choreographer Alberte Raynaud (Paris).

Awards and Honours:

"Things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them" Constantin Brancusi

The concurrence over time between my obsessive desire to create shapes and volumes that express movement captured from the solitude of trivial and everyday life; contact with the appropriate material and its limits of transformation; and the location of suitable and efficient resources has helped me merge conditions and motivation to materialise some of my ideas.

The pieces on display, inspired by the natural environment and created to be respectfully and discretely reinserted therein, are based on the blossoming of nature, on spaces that are redefined to the rhythm and passing of sunlight, and on human beings in action as a tribute to the essence of our existence.

The material of the piece strengthens my communicative intent, such as the expression of austere simplicity and the discrete seduction by the textures of the patinas.

Ángel Elías Gómez Blanco. From his studio in Madrid. Ángel Elías Gómez Blanco recreates spring, nature, externalises feelings and, above all else, imagines. "What is difficult in this world is creating something new", he says. To describe his pieces, he begins by listing a set of terms. "Eclosión [Blossoming] is spring, birth, nature, simplicity... it is not about achieving beauty, which would be pretentious, but discovering a new shape". Therefore, like in a dance, geometry, angles, and curved lines set a rhythm, a balance, a harmony –intended and achieved–, which evokes the perfection of human beings. In Pasajes, on the other hand, he experiments with the passing of light through certain shapes. They are themes "with no time limit". "Continuity does not concern me, nor whether or not my work verges on abstraction". Therefore, Toro [Bull] or Gran Pájaro [Large Bird] border on a more figurative schematism that clearly recalls the shapes of these animals in real life.

Inspiration guides the sculptural process. "When I have the idea, I capture it straight away in a drawing, a sketch". This is the only way to later approach a piece or resume projects –some of which have been stored for over 20 years– that mature with time and do not exclude the possibility of being rekindled at any time.

And as a key concept in his universe: sensuality. "It is something that penetrates sculpture, understood in the process of creating, touching the piece, making something in three dimensions...", he adds



2015. De planos, vértices y aristas [From levels, sides and edges]. Capa Esculturas, Madrid.

2012. Entre planos [Between levels]. Capa Esculturas, Madrid.

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2007. Eclosión II [Blossoming II] Semicyuc institutional sculpture

2006. Gran pájaro [Large bird] Grupo Quator institutional sculpture.

2005. Gran pájaro [Large bird] Confederación AJE institutional sculpture.

2004. Eclosión IV [Blossoming IV] Institute for Economic Studies institutional sculpture.

2003. Gran pájaro [Large bird] Globomedia institutional sculpture.

2002. Gran pájaro [Large bird] Confederación AJE institutional sculpture.

2000. Eclosión V [Blossoming V] Banco Guipuzcoano institutional sculpture.

Works by Ángel Elías Gómez Blanco.