Juana Cordero

Born Place: Madrid Birthdate: 1962 Creative environment: Madrid Artist Web Formation:

Multidisciplinary and self-taught artist. Graduated from the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático y Danza de Madrid [Higher School of Dramatic Art and Dance of Madrid] (1984).

Awards and Honours:

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast".

Alice in Wonderland.

The fragility of emotions. Unavoidable human solitude and doubt. Luck and good luck.

An obsession: The belly button

Another: Feet that sustain everything as if they were magic.

The Soul, which pays no heed and takes off running to waste time, circulating above and below like a fish, and what I want is to catch it to tell it: doubt, luck, the fish...It will be fear.

Juana Cordero "Communicating" is, above all else, what moves the artist for Juana Cordero. "What is never spoken about, emotions, is what connects us", says the self-taught artist who in her daily artistic endeavours combines two very different, yet very much connected, disciplines like scenic art and sculptural creation (and painting at present). She recalls how it all began, as an adolescent in the Rastro flee market of Madrid where she used to sell little clay figurines. "Afterwards I gained some practice and then I met someone who taught me how to work with bronze, the casting technique...", she adds.  And from preliminary models, a hobby, she went on to work with bronze sculpture. Today, she opens the doors to a world full of sensations, messages, emotions (sometimes deep and always vivid from a first person perspective) in pieces such as A Voces [To Voices], Descorazón-Hada [Dishearten-Fairy] (which was conceived after disappointment due a friendship cut short), Solita [Alone] or Lunática [Lunatic], which convey a clear language and through a schematic figurative form, everything that cannot be expressed verbally. Along her creative journey, Mujer con moño [Woman with Bun] involves "playing to not be", "it is the only one that perhaps does not narrate", according to the artist, the story it wants to tell. The black patina finish and the discontinuity of shapes attempt to prompt the observer to discover a movement that is both inspiring and recognisable through their own perception. Her creativity has recently led to her to experiment with other forms of representation in painting, without retreating altogether from sculpture, a discipline of which she feels extremely proud.


2013. Art Madrid. Galería Bat, Madrid.

2009. Invierno 09 [Winter '08]. Capa Esculturas, Madrid.

2007. Galería Bat, Madrid.

2005. Index Dubai 2005. United Arab Emirates. Capa Esculturas.

2004. Estampa [Print]. Salón Internacional del Grabado y la Edición de Arte Contemporáneo [International Printmaking and Contemporary Art Fair]. Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

2003. Estampa [Print]. Salón Internacional del Grabado y la Edición de Arte Contemporáneo [International Printmaking and Contemporary Art Fair]. Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

2002. Lineart International Art Fair. Ghent 2002. Capa Esculturas.

2001. Capa Esculturas inauguration. Brussels, Belgium

1998. Inclusion in Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

1997. Galería Bat. Madrid.

1991. Isla de Yula Workshop.

1990. No se lo digas a nadie [Do not tell anyone]. Centro Socio Cultural de la Mujer [Socio-Cultural Women's Centre]

1988/89. Shop at Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.


2008. Lunática [Lunatic]. Congreso de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales [Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention] Community of Madrid.

2005. A voces [Yelling]. ECOS Awards. Hispamedia Association for recognition of the work carried out to promote the Hispanic culture in Belgium.

Solita [Alone]. Institutional sculpture for Abdón-Pedrajas Abogados Asociados. Madrid.

Works by Juana Cordero