Jesús García Lorente

Born Place: Madrid Birthdate: 1961 Creative environment: Madrid Artist Web Formation:

Graduate in Fine Art from the Complutense University of Madrid (1985). Lecturer in Modelling at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Madrid [School of Applied Art and Artistic Trade of Madrid] (1985). Marble sculpture teacher. Michelin Testing Centre (CEMA). Almeria. Director of Course in Stone Sculpture. Summer Sculpture School. Eduardo Capa Foundation.

Awards and Honours:

Sculpture scholarship in Ayllón. Segovia. Fundición Capa Award (1983).


"The essence of my sculptural work remains enclosed, with openings to enter from the outside... The public can touch, observe, search with their hands, smell and hear". The work by Jesús García Lorente is made to be shared and understood in terms of a very simple code: personal interpretation but always from a point of view in line with nature.

This explains why he works with all types of materials, although he currently focuses on stone to convey "that feeling of telluric power, of earth extraction, of overwhelming weight..." In his era of bronze sculpture, this pressure can be observed in pieces such as La Piedra [The Rock], which represents perfection, almost like a symbol, according to the artist himself.

Analysed yet equipped with deep expressiveness that is only possible through inspiration, García Lorente makes many sculptural drafts in scaled stone, paper, drawings and photos. With his works he aims to open a dialogue by playing with shapes and the posture of the human body... By doing so, his sculptures seem to scream, complain, talk, address the observer through abstract concepts, schematic figuration, cubic shapes and emptiness, something he intentionally seeks that is essential in his creative process.


2009.  La Victoria Symposium. Cordoba.

2008. Gilabert3. Almeria.

Hinojosa del Duque Symposium. Cordoba.

2007. Art-almanzora. Almeria.

2006. Art-almanzora and collective cooperative. Almeria.

Granite symposium in Castres, France.

Symposium in Camponaraya, León.

2005. Index Dubai 2005. United Arab Emirates. Capa Esculturas.

2004. Estampa [Print]. Salón Internacional del Grabado y la Edición de Arte Contemporáneo [International Printmaking and Contemporary Art Fair]. Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

2003. Seasons in the Aljibes [Wells] of Almería.

2004. Estampa [Print]. Salón Internacional del Grabado y la Edición de Arte Contemporáneo [International Printmaking and Contemporary Art Fair]. Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

2002. Expolula. Almeria.

2002. Lineart International Art Fair, Ghent.

2002. Capa Esculturas.

2001. I Expoexcultura. Almeria.

Municipal Museum of Ciudad Real.

Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Almería [School of Arts and Artistic Trade of Almeria].

Capa Esculturas Inauguration, Brussels, Belgium.

Sculpture symposium. Castelrraimondo, Italy.

2000. Santa Ana lighthouse. Roquetas de Mar. Almeria.

Quesada, Jaén.

Expolula. Almeria.

Sculpture Symposium. Fuente Palmera. Cordoba.

1999. Alto Almanzora Sculpture. Las Menas [The Ores]. Almeria.

1998. Permanent Collective Galería Capa Esculturas. Madrid.

1992. Este-Oeste [East-West]. Installations and assembly.

1988. Este-Oeste [East-West]. Casa del Reloj. Madrid.

1985. Sculpture Competitions in Madrid, Valladolid and Murcia.

La Playa [The Beach]. Installation Faculty of Fine Arts Complutense University. Madrid.

Formation of the Este-Oeste [East-West] Sculpture Collective Exhibition.

1984. Caja de Ahorros, Cáceres.

Caja de Ahorros, Plasencia.

Municipal Museum of Santander.



2009. Dexposición. Galería Barbarin. Madrid

1992. Galería Ralea. Madrid.

1991. Galería Skyros. Ibiza.

1990. Galería Ralea. Madrid.

1987. X Jornadas de Danza [X Dance Workshops]. Tarragona.

1986. Galería Ralea. Madrid.



2009. Alambique. La Victoria Symposium. Cordoba.

2008. Menos es más [Less is more]. Tribute to Luis Pastor. Cosentino SL. Almeria.

Fuente de agua [Water fountain]. Hinojosa del Duque Symposium, Cordoba.

2007. Dama de Baza del S.XXI [21st Century Lady of Baza]. Sculpture-roundabout A92. Baza, Granada.

Monument paying tribute to freedom of expression. Almeria. 

Monument and fountain. Huecija, Almeria.

2006. Instrumento. Symposium in Camponaraya, León.

Tu espejo [Your mirror]. Granite symposium in Castres, France.

Monument paying tribute to dance. Purchena, Almeria.

Monument paying tribute to the Farmer. Albanchez, Almeria.

Monument paying tribute to the tomato. Vegacañada, Almeria.

Monument paying tribute to the fallen in Carboneras. Taberno, Almeria.

2005. Ergonom. Porriño, Pontevedra.

2003. Hermanamiento [Twinning]. Al Hoceima, Morocco.

2002. Sculptures for the Martínez Aynat Collection.

2001. D elevado a X [D raised to X]. Sculpture symposium in Castelrraimondo, Italy.

Puppet theatre stage design. Asociación Illipula. Purchena, Almeria.

2000-1777. III Prize Sculpture symposium. Fuente Palmera. Cordoba.

Theatrical effect design. La Pasión [The Passion]. Macael, Almeria.

Pasacalles Cabezudos [Bigheads Parade]. Purchena, Almeria.

1999. Scenery pieces and floats of the Three Wise Men.

1998. Scenery pieces in Isla Mágica theme park. Seville.

Stage design for Búho Teatro, Los Ulen and CAT. Seville.

1996. La Pietrata. Design and creation by Falla Blanquerías, Valencia.

Cristallizats. Design and creation second category Falla Burjasot Valencia.

Stage design for CAT and Teatro Lope de Vega. Seville. 

1995. Special Falla Sculptor Convento Jerusalén. I, II and III Prize.

Work for Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao and the Maestranza in Sevilla.

1992-96. First Blanquerías Falla Sculptor. IV Prize Valencia.

1990. Monumento a las Tres Culturas [Monument of the Three Cultures]. Cordoba.

Work for Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

1988-89. Stage design for Guirigay, Tartana and Cárcel de Mujeres. Madrid.



2008-2015. Freelance sculptor. Almeria.

1985-2015. Professional sculptor.

2003-2007. Head of the Design Department of the Escuela del Mármol [School of Marble] in Andalusia. Almeria.

Management V, VI, VII Sculpture symposiums Escuela del Mármol [School of Marble] in Andalusia.

Management I and III Youth Sculpture Competition Escuela del Mármol [School of Marble] in Andalusia.

Sculpture extension in Además Corcho SL. Valencia.

2002. Director of course on stone sculpture. Capa Foundation. Alicante.

2000-2003. Commissioned works.

Marble sculpture teacher. CEMAF. Almeria.

1999. Creation of scenery pieces. Company: Además Corcho SL. Valencia Direction and Creation of scenery pieces in the Museo de la Ilustración. Valencia.

General de producciones y diseño SL.

Warner Bros Theme Park. Dusseldorf. Germany.

1998. Props manager for the Show Technical Area, props and set design Parque Isla Mágica SA. Seville.

1993-97. Sculptor and director of staging and scenery pieces.

1993-98. Fallas, Set Design, Theme Parks. Valencia, Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Tarragona. Estética del Espacio, SL. Valencia.

Sculptor and wood carver at Prototipos Manolo Martín SL. Valencia.

1986-91. Freelance sculptor. Madrid.

Sculptor. Stone Carving. Este-Oeste Workshop. Avenida da Aroca.

1985-86. Teacher of figure, relief and portrait Clay Modelling. Escuela de Artes y Oficios II [School of Arts and Artistic Trade II]. Marqués de Cubas. Madrid.

1984. Face Mask model-maker. Mechanical-Dental Research department. Hospital Ramón y Cajal. Madrid.

1983-86. Portrait modelling. Wax museum. Madrid.

Works by Jesús García Lorente